Meet the Team

We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.



Office Manager

Do you need to #speaktothemanager? That would be Daniele! She works hard behind the scenes to make sure our days run smoothly. She’s an insurance wizard, and she can also coordinate your treatment to help you start your braces journey as soon as possible.



Scheduling Coordinator

That sweet voice you hear at the front desk or on the phone, that’s Kiona! She’s a scheduling guru, and she loves getting to know our patients and their families.



Scheduling Coordinator

Erica is our ray of sunshine at the front desk, and she can help you with all your scheduling needs! She also handles our professional correspondence and makes sure your dentist is informed of your orthodontic treatment plan.



Scheduling Coordinator

Laura brings a ton of administrative experience to the office! She can help you with scheduling your visits, and she’ll hook you up with a frosty slushie or a warm cookie on your way out!



Laboratory Technician

Alisa is our lab guru! She’s been making our retainers and appliances for years, and she can replace that retainer that your dog ate in no time! When she’s not in the lab, you can find her chairside doing orthodontic adjustments for our awesome patients.



Clinical Assistant

Ashley is one of our fabulous clinical assistants. She has years of experience in orthodontics, and it shows! She’s a real go-getter, and she’s always working hard to perfect her skills.



Clinical Assistant

Brittney is another of our fantastic assistants. She has such a sweet and calming presence, and she makes all our patients feel at ease. She’s known around here for her beautiful hair, with a personality to match!



Clinical Assistant

Casey has been a clinical assistant at Hickman Orthodontics from the beginning! She’s super sweet and caring, and she’ll make your braces appointment easy-peasy! She has LOTS of experience and can help with all your braces questions.



Clinical Assistant

Jackie is no stranger to our office! She started with us as a patient, then helped us with sterilization, and then we snatched her up to be a clinical assistant. Fun fact: she knows the words to every pop song from the 90’s, and she has some cool dance moves to go with it!



Records Technician

Jamie is our records technician, and she’s also an experienced clinical assistant. Oh, and she also makes our fixed retainers and helps with social media posts! She’s truly a jack of all trades! She’s one of the first people you or your child will meet, and she makes getting X-rays and photos a piece of cake.



Clinical Assistant



Clinical Assistant

Maddie may be our newest clinical assistant, but it feels like she’s been here all along! She’s always smiling, and she loves chatting with and getting to know our patients. She also helps put together the fun treats you’ll receive as a gift once your braces come off!



Clinical Assistant

Did you hear someone singing when you walked in? That would be Naomi, one of our awesome clinical assistants. She gets really excited about straight teeth, and she’s sure to chat with you about almost anything, including your dinner plans. She heads up our marketing committee and is our unofficial social coordinator for the office. She’s also a real prankster, so watch out!



Clinical Assistant

Tami has been with Hickman Orthodontics since the beginning! She has a TON of clinical experience and can answer all your questions about your new braces. Her three kiddos all had braces with our office, so she’s a great resource from a parent’s perspective, too! She keeps us all up to date by coordinating our annual CPR classes and HIPPA training.



Clinical Assistant

Tiffany (Tiff!) is an amazing clinical assistant. She may be tiny in size, but she has the biggest heart! She’s also in charge of ordering and keeping orthodontic supplies stockpiled for the team and the entire office, which is no small job!



Sterilization Assistant

Lexi is in charge of sterilization for the office. She makes sure all of our instruments are sterilized, safe, and ready to go throughout our busy days. She works mostly behind the scenes, but she keeps us laughing and running smoothly all day long!

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